The mission, goals and objectives
of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism.

The mission of the Academy:

Providing of high quality training demanded specialists by society in various directions in the sphere of physical culture, sports, tourism, hotel and restaurant business, able to actively influence the socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to meet the needs of the labor market and meet the international standard of education.
The goal - to enter in one of the leading specialized universities of Eurasian space in training specialists with a high level of professional knowledge, innovative approaches and research skills to 2020. Objectives:
- Compliance of submitted educational services to national and international standards;
- Formation of the international image of the academy as the leading educational, scientific and sport center of the country;
- Ensure effective personnel management, enhancing the level of competence of employees, their interest in the results of their work, improving the overall well-being;
- Actively promoting the development of tourism and hospitality industry in Kazakhstan through the implementation of research projects and training of qualified personnel;
- Creation of a modern educational, scientific and sport bases and conditions ensuring the highest quality representation of educational and social services.

Principles of the activity:

- Compliance with laws, legislative and normative-legal acts, health and safety of staff and students;
- A high level of staff responsibility for the quality of work on the site;
- Democratic approach in administrative activity, the purposeful activities of all structural units to perform assigned tasks;
- Constant monitoring of the quality of work;
- The creation of specialists and professionals team which is a generator of ideas and innovations.

Mission, goal and objectives of the Academy meet the goals and objectives of the national education system and the tendencies of innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Academy is aimed at implementing of a set of measures for improvement in the quality of specialists training enabling them to be competitive, to effectively implement their professional knowledge and practical skills in accordance with the strategic objectives of the state in the field of physical culture, sports and tourism.
Mission, strategy, main priorities, policies of the Academy are aimed at maintaining the leading position in the market of educational services, international integration with the CIS and foreign partners, training of experts demanded by the community, the formation of high moral qualities, education of worthy citizens of the country. Initially, the mission framework, goals and objectives were laid in KazAST Development Strategy for 2006-2010 adopted at the meeting of the Academic Council on July, 8 2006. In 2010, the program of innovative development of KazAST for 2010-2014 years was developed and approved. "The road to wealth and material well-being through quality education." Priorities for the development of education, outlined in the State Program of the Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 years, the Law "On Science" became the basis of creating a new version of the mission, the strategy of maintaining the leading position of KazAST in the market of educational services, the development of educational services, the introduction of an educational process of innovation and information technologies.The discussion of the mission in all structural units was developed and approved by the Academic Council of the KazAST development program for 2011-2020. (The Program is attached)

The process of teaching staff and students participation in the development of mission, goals and objectives:

  • Creating of a group of mission, goals and objectives developers
  • Discussion of the mission, goals and objectives at the departments and deans meetings, in subdivisions, with activists
  • Examination of a document by the most experienced specialists, the adjustment
  • Adoption of the mission, goals and objectives, and their implementong program at the Academic Council
  • Adoption of annual targets at the meetings of the faculty councils and departments
  • Approval of annual goals and objectives by the Rector or the President

In the program of the Academy for 2011-2020 the main objective.is determined - to implement a new conceptual approaches in the educational, scientific, educational and social processes, to provide high quality training in the field of physical culture, sports and tourism and become an elite university in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international community.